CQIU Intensive in Dorchester County, Maryland


A group of leaders representing Dorchester County’s social services, including government agencies and community non-profits, spent two days with CQIU this week learning CQI methods, mapping services in their county, and identifying opportunities for improvement and increased collaboration. Dorchester County is the site of the second Poverty Reduction Lab in the United States. This site’s focus is on families with young children and supporting parents in job readiness (such as building professional and soft skills, tailoring resumes, and maintaining necessary documents) in order to fill vacant job positions in the area. It was a tremendous opportunity to work with this group of passionate and engaged leaders as they begin to develop a local system within which they hope to disrupt the poverty landscape. CQIU looks forward to supporting Circles USA and individual Poverty Reduction Lab sites as they aim to reduce poverty rates in communities across the United States, rather than simply manage the current caseloads.