We serve those who serve others.

Whether you are starting a new initiative or optimizing a current project, whether you are wondering how to secure funds for a sorely needed community program or wondering how to evaluate your progress so far, whether you want to streamline internal operations or develop your staff into high-performing teams: CQIU is here to help.

We are former university researchers and educators who are subject matter experts on topics related to community-based organizational management, continuous quality improvement, and employee well-being. We help you work smarter (not harder!) to produce better performance outcomes and happier, healthier employees. We strive to make our services fun and accessible with information and tools that you can put into use immediately.

We are pleased to offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss your organization’s needs and goals. Contact us at info@cqiulife.com to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment.

Training & Coaching

Our training and coaching sessions consist of evidence-based information and hands-on application. Sessions are available both in-person and virtually. Some of our most popular sessions include:

  • Continuous Quality Improvement workshops

  • Healthy Leadership workshops

  • Organizational Culture and Communication workshops

  • Employee Well-Being and Stress Reduction workshops

  • Leadership coaching

  • Project-specific Quality coaching

  • Individual coaching for professional and personal improvement goals

Strategic Planning Facilitation

We take a unique approach to strategic planning which incorporates evidence-based techniques from positive psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, and cognitive psychology. Planning shouldn’t be a boring process that leaves you feeling overwhelmed with to-dos! Our planning sessions nurture high levels of creativity, leverage personal and team strengths, and leave you with actionable steps with which you know you can succeed. During strategic planning facilitation, we help you:

  • Design new initiatives, including systems development and workflow mapping

  • Scale existing initiatives

  • Develop and refine goals

  • Build or refine a Quality Management System (often a major requirement to receive external funding sources!)

Technical, Scientific, and Grant Writing

As researchers and educators with international university affiliations, we know a few writing and teaching methods! We can help you with high-quality grant writing so that you can secure funds for your next initiative, develop polished proposals, presentations, and white papers for your Board, submit manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, and create engaging educational content. If you run a community-based organization, you likely need:

  • Evidence-based research support

  • Grant writing with evaluation frameworks

  • Training manuals

  • Educational materials, including full curriculum design

  • Policy and evaluation reports to present to key stakeholders

  • Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Manuals

Assessments & Evaluation

How do you know if your community needs the project you have in mind? How do you know if key stakeholders are ready for change? How do you know if the work you are doing is producing the outcomes you want? We can help you develop evidence-based tools to assess your community’s needs and evaluate your outcomes. Designing and evaluating initiatives through standardized frameworks makes your workflows more efficient, ensures your work has a purpose, and provides credibility to your outcomes. These factors influence how much funding you get from external sources and solidifies the reputation of your work in your field. We can help you:

  • Develop and conduct needs assessments

  • Develop and conduct readiness-for-Change Assessments, tailored to your organization’s goals

  • Implement and utilize valid and reliable data collection, analysis, and management tools

  • Evaluate program, process, and outcomes through recognized and reputable evaluation frameworks