The Start of Poverty Reduction Labs Across the United States

*Publisher’s Note: Content below has been adapted from Circles USA’s monthly public newsletter, initially distributed on November 16, 2018.

CQIU is excited to be partnering with Circles USA to embark upon a new initiative of introducing Poverty Reduction Labs across the United States! Each Lab will convene community leaders and organizations to transform how families are supported out of poverty by developing coherent, effective, and efficient pathways to economic stability.

The Poverty Reduction Lab model features a Transformational Leadership Program of executive coaching to enable managers to challenge individual and community belief systems about the possibility of eliminating poverty. The model also uses evidence-based Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) methods to identify and spread best practices for high-impact strategies, both locally and statewide, to shift from a poverty management system to a true poverty reduction system. The initiative was developed by Circles USA’s CEO Scott Miller and CQIU’s co-founder Darcey Terris, PhD.

The first Lab began this month in Columbus, GA under the leadership of Belva Dorsey, CEO of the Enrichment Services Program, Inc., with funding from the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services’ program, State of Hope. In early January 2019, CQIU will lead a 3-day CQI intensive for the site, beginning the work of establishing a systematic and sustainable structure through which poverty reduction can occur.

More information about the Poverty Reduction Lab model can be found here.