Recommended Reading

Below, you’ll find a list of books that resonate with our core message: that quality work and quality life go hand-in-hand. If you are interested in continuous improvement at the system level (whether that system is you or a community that you are a part of!), we recommend the following books to support your journey. This selection has been hand-curated from the hundreds of books we have read on continuous improvement and personal development to reflect the material we found to have the highest impact for ourselves and our clients.

*Disclosure: This section may contain affiliate links that earn CQIU a small commission, at no additional cost to you. We only recommend products that we have personally used and love, or that we believe will be of value to our readers and clients. Thank you for your continued support, which allows us to run this site and share our resources!

Quick Links

  • CQIU’s Glossary of Terms / While this document was originally developed for our Poverty Reduction Lab sites, it covers the fundamental concepts found in Continuous Quality Improvement and can be used by anyone who is an interested in an overview of CQI principles.